Who We Are

Corey O’Gorman, a Rollins College graduate, is a certified planner who has served as a Planning Director and CRA Executive Director for several public agencies in Florida. He has worked with numerous public, private and nonprofit clients to facilitate their strategic planning; obtain zoning and permit approvals; navigate the overall development process and administer grants.

As an experienced consultant, he has successfully analyzed regulations and the regulatory process in city, county and state jurisdictions for a wide range of projects. Mr. O’Gorman also serves as a member of the Village of North Palm Beach Planning Commission. This unique skill set allows Mr. O’Gorman to lead a project team from the start of public outreach and the visioning process through to the legal, organizational and operational aspects of a clearly defined project.

Robert Feild, a Yale University graduate, M. Arch. and LEED AP, complements Corey O’Gorman’s expertise with his own extensive portfolio that ranges from single family to multi-family home designs, affordable housing, mixed-use projects, commercial and industrial projects. The Florida Main Street program recognized that his community-based design approach uniquely qualified him to lead technical assistance teams to more than 20 Main Street communities where he carried out visioning sessions focused on urban design, retail recruitment and event planning. He has served on the staff of the National AIA as Director of two professional committees representing over 1,400 architects concerned with preserving historic architecture and creating educational facilities. Residing in Baltimore, MD, he has served on the board of Hampden Village Main Street and the Roland Park Roads & Maintenance Corporation.